Square Enix just dumped a ton of information and media about the coming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker as their Digital Fan Festival is currently happening.

First up is this incredible full trailer that expands on that teaser trailer released a few months ago.

Final Fantasy XIV trailers never fail to get us hyped up and this one is no different. It’s great to see Esteinian officially joining the group and hearing the different music themes from every previous expansion was a really nice touch.

There’s a ton of stuff to visually unpack here including some amazing looking new locations like Old Sharlayan. Fortunately we have more information and media for all of it.


Reaper Job

The next big reveal was the second DPS job that they teased to go along with the new Sage job. It’s called Reaper and here’s the reveal video:

This job features an “Avatar” and when you attack with melee a gauge accumulates that lets you fight together with the Avatar. The design is apparently focused around building up hype during the battle.

They can’t comment on if the Avatar possesses the player because what’s happening may still change before release and they don’t want anyone to complain.

Reaper is not a pet job and they said it’s different from the Samurai or Mechanic class. Apparently it shares equipment with the Dragoon class too.

Whether or not the class is pure or synergy DPS is something they’re keeping a secret for now as well.

I also have to mention how much I like the instrumental version of the trailer theme here. Endwalker is going to have some great music which of course is no surprise.


New Locations

They also dropped videos showcasing a ton of new areas you’ll get to explore.

First up is Old Sharlayan which you saw briefly in the trailer. It looks like it’s got a beautiful ancient Greek/Atlantis sort of vibe.

Another new location they teased earlier was Radz-at-Han in Thavanir. It’s got a very unique Indian/South Asian sort of feel to it. Here’s a video showing it off:

And here’s a video showing the area of Thavanir itself:

Another new area shown off is called Labyrinthos. I’m not sure what this area is for, it looks like it’s under some kind of giant dome and could maybe be a new housing area to go along with Old Sharlayan maybe?

And of course they had to show off the new area on the moon since that’s going to be a major focus this expansion. It of course has a Latin name “Mare Lamentorum” which means “Sea Laments”


New Dungeons

They also dropped a video showcasing a bunch of the new dungeons you’ll get to explore in the expansion as well.


Male Viera

Fans have been asking for a male Viera option since they were introduced and now they’re finally coming to the game.

They based a lot of the work and concepts on the female Viera while trying hard to differentiate them from the male Mi’qote.

Apparently they’re very rare so you won’t see many (if any) male Viera NPCs. If you do they’ll make sure it fits the setting but there won’t be a town or area full of them or anything like that.

Here’s a video showcasing them.

They also mentioned that they plan to introduce female Hrothgar at some point as well.


Other Information

In terms of the story it will have the most voice acting and cutscenes yet. It’s a conclusion to the overall story so far so tons of different NPCs and characters will make appearances.

But they don’t plan to forcefully integrate every NPC.

The dragon Vrtra which you can see with Esteinian in the trailer will play a key role in the story but it’s difficult to predict what that’ll be.

From 6.1 and on there will be a completely new story but your Warrior of Light will still be the main character.

They do have a concept of how to continue in 6.1 and an idea of what characters will be accompanying you but their ultimate plans will depend a little on the excitement and mood build during Endwalker.

It’s all very exciting stuff if you’re a fan of FFXIV for sure.

The last bit of information we’ll leave you with here is this amazing art for the expansion that I really hope will be available as a poster.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Official Poster