We were super excited for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Part one makes some interesting story changes and we’re excited to see where the next episodes go.

Then they dropped a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergarde:

Which as far as we can understand is a new DLC episode that comes with the PS5 re-release of part 1 of the remake. We’re not quite sure yet how the pricing here works or how PS4 users get to play this.

They also dropped a trailer showing off changes in this new PS5 version:

So overall not too big of a deal. Everyone expected an inevitable PS5 re-release with hopefully better graphics and frame rate. The inclusion of extra DLC is a bit worrisome though for people who want to make sure to get the whole story.

If at this point you haven’t played the game yet the PS5 version is probably the way to go (If you can even get a PS5). Or honestly, at this point, just wait until they finish all the parts of the remake and buy the final collection that contains everything. You know, like that Kingdom Hearts collection they put out.

The trailer for the extra DLC episode also teased a character from Dirge of Cerberus which does have people concerned as well.

Previously the Final Fantasy VII compilation included the original Playstation 1 game, Before Crisis, a series of mobile game episodes, Dirge of Cerberus for the Playstation 2, Crisis Core for the PSP and the movie Advent Children.

Everyone kind of hoped the new Remake games would compile all the extra story into a single series of easy to follow games.

It doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case because in addition to this new DLC episode they also announced Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis:

Which appears to be a remake of the remake but for mobile (But probably coming to other platforms as well).

This is going to be released in a series of chapters and is in theory a re-telling of the original compilation.

They also announced of all things a Final Fantasy VII-themed battle royale game also for mobile called The First Soldier:

Did you want to run around and shoot other players outside Aerith’s house? Now you can!

So what we all expected to be maybe at most 3 episodes of a remake now includes:

  • FFVII Remake for PS4
  • FFVII Remake for PS5 with DLC episode Intergarde
  • Ever Crisis, another remake being released in an ongoing series of episodes
  • A Battle Royale game called the First Soldier

So basically the first thing this tells us is that episode two of the remake is not coming any time soon. People are theorizing 2024 at this point but who knows.

But more worrying is that what was supposed to just be a simple remake is spinning out of control into multiple parts, side games, mobile games and who knows what else. Just like what happened to the Kingdom Hearts series.

We’ll have to wait and see where this goes but we’re not holding our breath.