I’m a big fan of video game themed podcasts. They’re a great source of industry news, reviews, different perspectives on games and also very entertaining.

Here is a round up of my top videogame podcasts that I listen to regularly.


No One Can Know About This

No One Can Know About This is a hilarious podcast where hosts Jeff and Ryan play through every Final Fantasy game.

It’s a pretty unique format that they have going on with this podcast. First they play through the entire Final Fantasy game recording everything. Then they edit together that audio along with commentary from weeks or months after they’ve played the game.

The combination of what they’re experiencing at the time with what they know later after finishing the game is an interesting format and works very well.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy at all you’ll definitely want to check this podcast out. So far they’ve covered I, IV, V, VI, VII and they’re currently working through VIII which is easily the best season so far because that game is so crazy.

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Into the Aether

Into the Aether is the perfect Patient Gamer podcast. It’s a low key podcast by hosts Stephen and Brendon where they discuss pretty much whatever they want.

They’ll cover a lot of current games but they’ll also go back and play older games, retro games, whatever they feel like.

Most episodes cover a few different games broken up into sections but they’ll also do bonus long deep-dive episodes into games like the Mass Effect Trilogy or Pokemon Crystal.

It’s always an excellent discussion and the perfect general gaming sort of podcast.

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Castle Super Beast

Castle Super Beast is one of the most entertaining yet also informative video game podcasts out there.

The two hosts are fantastic and have really great chemistry together.

They’ll usually start off talking about what they’ve been playing in the last week, rant about various things, then cover the current videogame news and take emails at the end.

It’s a long podcast (which I like) and it’s always very entertaining to listen to.

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Easy Allies Podcast

The Easy Allies Podcast is an excellent gaming news podcast from a bunch of the ex-Game Trailers people who started their own thing once Game Trailers shut down.

They’ve all been in the video game industry for a long time and really know their stuff.

The Easy Allies team is made up of very different members with different preferences and personalities. This podcast always has the same host but rotates in different Easy Allies members each week so every episode is a completely unique group and discussion.

This is easily one of the best general gaming news sort of podcasts out there and they have a lot of fun with it which is always entertaining to hear.

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Frame Trap

Frame Trap is another Easy Allies podcast but where the Easy Allies Podcast is shorter and mostly covers current gaming events this podcast is more of a deep dive, much longer conversation about recent games.

The podcast is hosted by Ben Moore and every episode has two additional random Easy Allies members to make core different discussions each week.

They talk about what they’ve been playing which is usually mostly current releases and then they usually spend the last chunk of the podcast discussing a specific video game related topic Ben has prepared for the week.

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Random Encounter

This was my favourite podcast back with their old host Rob who’s unfortunately left. It’s not quite the same without him but it’s still a very excellent look at RPG games, current industry news and RPG reviews.

There’s a pretty large staff at RPG Fan and while the podcast has a core group of hosts they often have all kinds of different team members on like Caitlin who shows up every time they mention Final Fantasy XIV.

If you’re a fan at all of RPG games this is probably the best podcast covering that niche.

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Retro Encounter

Retro Encounter is a fantastic podcast where they play retro RPG games and then do 2-part long form discussions reviewing them.

They have a core group of hosts but rotate in different members from the RPG Fan team for each episode so the discussions are always quite varied and interesting.

There’s a lot of great nostalgia here and you’ll definitely find lots of great games to add to your backlog if you’re into retro RPGs.

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Phoenix Edge

Phoenix Edge is another fantastic RPG fan podcast that focuses on RPG related news and reviews. They’re partnered with RPG Fan and I find they tend to go a little more in depth in their discussions which is nice.

If you like RPGs either Western or Japanese ones you’ll definitely want to check this podcast out.

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Worth it or Worthless

Worth it or Worthless is a podcast where they play retro videogames, take off their rose-tinted glasses and see if the games are still good by today’s standards.

If you’re a fan of retro videogames at all you’ll definitely want to check this out. You’ll find plenty of gems to pick up (or games to avoid).

The episodes are always entertaining and they’re always giving away games and running contests which are fun to get involved with too.

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8-4 Play Podcast cover art

8-4 Play

This is a podcast from the people who work at 8-4 Play which is a company in Japan that localizes games for English speaking audiences.

It covers Japan, games and Japanese games, plus other video game industry news and just whatever the hosts are into this week.

The focus though is mainly on Japanese games so if you’re into that niche of gaming you’ll definitely want to check this podcast out.

Since they’re located in Japan and work in the Japanese gaming industry they have a first hand account of how everything works that you won’t get on other podcasts.

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Resonant Arc

Resonant Arc is a fantastic podcast if you’re looking for a super in depth look into games like Xenogears or Final Fantasy VIII.

Hosts Mike and Casen are really knowledgeable when it comes to writing, localization, gameplay and the history behind the games they cover so you’ll learn a ton.

I highly recommend their episodes covering Xenogears. Their Final Fantasy VIII series was great too, especially when paired with the less serious coverage from No One Can Know About This’s FFVIII season.

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