I’ve heard some very interesting things about Gujian 3. Gujian 3 is a Chinese-developed single player RPG for the PC that barely anyone has heard of. I actually can’t even remember how I first heard of it.

When it comes to videogames games from Chinese studios tend to get a bad reputation and when it comes to the top best AAA game studios people tend to think of Japan or the United States, maybe even Europe now. But the Chinese game development theme is starting to really take off.

See Genshin Impact from a few months ago for example. That game is incredibly popular and probably the fist major video game success from China in the Western world. Check out a trailer for Genshin Impact below:

Last year another Chinese studio called Game Science released a trailer for an incredible looking game called Black Myth: Wukong. It’s 13 minutes of amazing souls-like gameplay using the famous Chinese story of Journey to the West as a setting.

You can check out that trailer below:

So What is Gujian 3?

Like I mentioned before, Gujian 3 is a single player PC RPG and I’ve heard it compared to the Witcher series and I’ve even seen it referred to as Chinese Final Fantasy.

Since I’m a huge fan of both the Witcher series and the Final Fantasy series this definitely piqued my interest.

The game is based on Chinese mythology and the locations are based on photographs and descriptions of actual historical sites in China.

As you can see in the below trailer the world looks absolutely beautiful:

It has a real time action-oriented combat system and multiple party members and a complex story which I hear is really good.

There’s a pretty deep skill system where you pick skills on a constellation sort of skill tree. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like that but these types of skill trees always work.

There’s a crafting and gathering system of course (like many other RPGs) and a trading card mini game (also of course).

One of the most unique things has to be the Mandarin voice acting. Mandarin is a language I don’t think I’ve ever heard in a videogame before. I’ve heard lots of English and Japanese but never Mandarin so it’ll be a very interesting experience to play a game in this language for sure.

If you buy the PC version on the U.S. Steam store though the text and everything is in English so you don’t have to worry about struggling to play the game.

We’ll be playing this game pretty soon and we’ll be sure to post our final review with all our thoughts when we’re done so look forward to that!