I just finished playing Impostor Factory and all I can say is wow. This is going to be kind of a different sort of review of this game because I absolutely don’t want to spoil anything.

You should go in blind and experience everything for yourself and the short version of this review is that the game is an absolute masterpiece, go play it!


Imposter Factory party scene

The Story

So this is the main highlight of the game and I really don’t want to spoil anything here. But basically it’s fantastic.

It’ll absolutely punch you in the feels and is incredibly sad at times but it’s also full of joy and touching moments. There’s also just the right amount of humor mixed in as well as some minor horror elements that are kind of fun too.

If you’re not a fan of horror don’t let that detour you from playing the game though, it’s really a minor element and everything turns out different than you’d expect.

I feel like I’ve said too much already so I’ll stop talking about the story here. It’s quite the ride and you need to experience it for yourself.


Long cat with a knife

The Music

The other major highlight of the game is the amazing soundtrack. This should be no surprise if you’ve played the previous games as those also had incredible soundtracks.

Here’s just a sample of some of the excellent music you’ll be hearing, like the story though it may be better if you don’t listen to this now and experience it in the game first hand.

When I finished the game I immediately headed over to Bandcamp and bought the soundtrack.


Quincy washing his hands

The Gameplay

This isn’t a super complex game or anything gameplay-wise. You’re basically just walking around some pixel art environments that I think were made with RPG Maker but I’m not 100% sure of that.

The pixel art is excellent too by the way.

There are some things you can interact with or people you can talk to for more information but not a huge amount. You basically just walk from scene to scene and let the story play out.

The previous games had some sequences where you had to find memory fragments to unlock doors and there are some sequences like that in this game but a lot less.

You’re more or less just along for the ride here and that’s completely ok.


Screenshot of the earth being destroyed

The Previous Games

If you didn’t already know this is sort of the third game in the series and it’s definitely recommended that you play the previous games before you go into this.

There are lots of call backs to the previous games and lots of “Ah ha!” moments as you start to put things together and see the little references to the past games.

First you need to play To the Moon. This is followed by 2 little mini episodes that were free DLC for to the Moon.

After that you really should play A Bird Story which is about an hour long little introduction to the next game in the series Finding Paradise.

Once you’ve completed Finding Paradise you’re all good to begin this.

None of those games are any longer than like 4 or 5 hours so you can get caught up pretty quickly.


Lavender Field from Impostor Factory

In Conclusion

Impostor Factory took me just over 3 hours to finish and I played it over the course of two evenings.

It’s one of the greatest indie games ever made and only costs about $10 on Steam so go pick it up and play it as soon as you can.

I definitely can’t wait to see what’s coming next with this series and I’ll leave you with the trailer to check out.

Screenshots from the Impostor Factory page on Steam used under Fair Use