The Logitech G604 gaming mouse is hands down the best mouse on the market right now for playing MMORPGs such as Final Fantasy XIV. I recently purchased one of these and it’s completely changed (massively improved) the way I play Final Fantasy XIV.

Years go, way back now, I used to play World of Warcraft and I tried out the Logitech G602, an older version of this mouse and I wasn’t really a fan so I was a bit skeptical about the G604. But I’m very glad I gave it a try.


Logitech G604 mouse


Overall the mouse has a fantastic ergonomic design that feels great in your hands. My hands are medium/large and it fits great.

There are 15 different buttons on the thing and they’re all completely controllable. It’s runs on either Bluetooth or their own wireless dongle and both work great. I really haven’t noticed any latency issues at all.

It also runs off a single AA battery which I like. Having no internal battery means you don’t have to worry about recharging it or over time having it work for shorter and shorter periods before you have to recharge it. AA batteries will always be around.

Logitech claims it has 240 hours of continuous gaming and now that I think of it I’ve had this mouse for a long time and I haven’t had to replace the battery yet.


The Buttons

You’ve got your standard right and left click buttons which feel great and a scroll wheel in the middle. There’s also a little button in the middle that changes the scroll wheel between hyper fast and a ratcheted scrolling modes. Both those modes feel great and you can bind other keys to those buttons if you want.

There are two + and – buttons at the top left of the mouse for adjusting DPI or remapping to whatever you want.

Then you’ve got six buttons on the left side of the mouse you hit with your thumb and these buttons are fantastic.

The G602 mouse I had tried before had those six buttons as well but they were all exactly the same and as a result I never knew which one my thumb was resting on. On the G604 however these buttons all stick out at different lengths.

The two middle ones are recessed a little bit and the top row sticks out a bit more than the bottom row.

This makes it super easy to tell exactly where you have your thumb at any given time and makes it way less likely that you’ll push the wrong button. That pretty much never happens with this mouse.

When you’re playing an MMORPG with a bunch of skills on your hot bar you can map them all to these buttons and it makes things so much better.


Logitech G604 bottom

The Software

It also comes with software for remapping controls. It’s pretty decent. I pretty much opened it once to configure everything and I haven’t opened it since.

I mainly use this mouse for playing Final Fantasy XIV and the game didn’t recognize some of the buttons on the mouse so I remapped those buttons to keyboard keys I wasn’t using and remapped the FFXIV skills to those keyboard buttons and everything works perfectly.


My Final Fantasy XIV Setup

Like I mentioned before this mouse has completely revolutionized the way I play Final Fantasy XIV.

I no longer need to click number buttons on my keyboard to use skills. Now every single skill I regularly use is mapped to buttons on this mouse.

That makes my whole left hand completely free on the WASD keys at all times for dodging enemy attacks, getting in the right position, etc.

I play as a Ninja and here’s how I have everything mapped.

I have all my main combo skills mapped to the 6 side buttons of the mouse.

Ninja skills button mapping

Then if you hold Shift and click those buttons it’s got all the Mudra related skills.

Ninja Mudra skills button mapping

And the same thing if you hold CTRL and click those buttons, then it’s got a bunch of Ninki skills and other miscellaneous things.

Ninki and misc skills button mapping

The two buttons at the top are used for Trick Attack and Shadow Fang.

Top button mapping

Then holding Shift those two buttons turn into Dream within a Dream and Assassinate.

Shift plus top button mapping

And then I’m easily able to run around with my left hand while using every one of my main skills with my right hand. My little finger on my left hand can easily hit Shift and CTRL to use those additional skills.

I also click in the scroll wheel to auto-target the nearest enemy which is also a huge help.

The left and right mouse buttons function like they normally would.


G604 mouse from front

In Conclusion

This is easily the best gaming mouse I’ve ever used and it’s also a decently good mouse for productivity in case you just want to use a single mouse for everything.

If you play MMORPGs then you absolutely can’t go wrong with getting one of these.

The Logitech G604 mouse is available on Amazon here.

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Final Fantasy XIV skill icons used from under fair use