The Logitech MX Master 3 is easily the best mouse we’ve ever used for working and productivity. Plus it pairs perfectly with their MX Keys keyboard.

Here’s our detailed review.


MX Master 3 mouse on desk

The Buttons

The mouse has 7 buttons in total, your standard right and left clicks, forward and back buttons on the side, a clickable scroll wheel, a button to change the scroll style (more on that later) and a thumb button near the bottom.

The left and right buttons are more or less what you’d expect. Same with the scroll wheel click.

On the side of the mouse are two forward and back buttons and these are one of the major improvements over the MX Master 2 mouse. The forward and back buttons on that mouse were kind of stacked together almost like they took a single button and cut it in half diagonally. It didn’t work great and your thumb had a very hard time finding and clicking the correct button.

MX Master 2 Mouse side buttons
You can see here, the front and back buttons on the side of the MX Master 2, they’re not great.

This is completely fixed this time with the buttons side by side, they’re very easy to click and pretty much impossible to click the wrong one.

By default these are assigned to forward and back functions in apps like your browser but you can re-assign these to whatever you want, even in specific apps. Once you start using these when navigating the Internet though you won’t go back to how you were doing it before.

There’s also another extra button at the base of the mouse you can easily hit with your thumb. It’s perfect for switching apps or getting a view of all your apps (that’s what I use it for) but you can assign it to whatever functions you want.

You can also program this to have 4 different functions where you hold the button down and move the mouse up, down, left or right.

There’s also a final button for changing the scroll wheel style.


Logitech mouse on a dark surface

The Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel uses MagSpeed electromagentic scrolling and it feels pretty fantastic in both modes.

One mode is more precise and you can feel a sort of tactile click as you scroll bit by bit.

The other mode feels like it detaches the wheel so nothing is holding it back and it can scroll super fast, fast enough to scroll 1,000 lines a second apparently.

The wheel itself is almost silent as well which is nice.

And over all it has a premium weighty feel that’s hard to describe.


Close up photo of MX Master 3 mouse

Other Features

The mouse tracks perfectly fine on pretty much any surface. I use a leather desk mat and it works perfectly. Apparently the mouse even tracks fine over glass although I haven’t tested this myself.

The sensor itself has 4000 DPI sensor resolution if you’re looking for the numbers.

It charges with a supplied USB-C cable which is nice and lasts 70 days on a full charge. I can definitely confirm, I use this mouse for 8+ hours a day of work and a barely ever have to recharge it.

It’s fully charged in just 3 Hours and if you run out of power you can get it charged enough to finish what you were doing in just a minute.

You can always use it wired while it’s charging as well.

It works perfectly with either Windows or MacOS and connects with an included adapter or through Bluetooth and can connect to up to 3 devices.


Logitech mouse on wood desk

The Software

You can download the Logitech Flow software and do some pretty neat things with it.

Of course you can re-program any of the buttons to do anything you want as well as program them to do specific things in specific apps. But you can also use the software to connect two devices and “Flow” between them like copying a file on one device and pasting it on another.

What’s really cool though is you can hold down ctrl and move the mouse to one side of your screen and it instantly starts tracking on another device. I often have a laptop set up on the side of my desk and I can move the mouse back and forth between both devices which is possibly the coolest feature of this mouse.


MX Master 3 Mouse beside MX Keys keyboard

In Conclusion

This is easily my favorite mouse to use for work. I loved the MX Master 2 and this is a great improvement over it, especially if you had a hard time with the MX Master 2’s forward and back buttons.

It feels great to use and has a heavy premium feel to it as well. I have medium/large hands and they fit this mouse perfectly.

I cannot recommend this mouse enough and it’s available on Amazon here.