Outer Wilds is easily one of the greatest indie games ever made which is why we’re so excited by the surprise announcement that they’re adding DLC titled “Echoes of the Eye.”

Check out the trailer below:

We don’t want to spoil anything about the game itself but if you’ve played it you’ll know what it’s like and how it’s already pretty much a “Complete” experience.

This expansion will be woven directly into the existing world and narrative.

If you’re playing the game for the first time you’ll encounter it along the experience and if you’ve finished the game you’ll be able to take in this extra content right away. If you’ve finished the game you’ll know exactly what I mean by that.

Echoes of the Eye will add another mysterious new location to discover and it’s been designed in such a way as if it was always lurking in the world but hadn’t been discovered yet. This location will have more depth than any of the other locations in the solar system in the game.

According to the PlayStation Blog playtesters have been “Pleasantly surprised by how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

The expansion is also going to be a lot spookier than the main game was and if that’s not your thing the developers are adding a “Reduced Frights” option so things aren’t so intense.

There isn’t really any more information other then this will be the “First and only expansion” to the game and it’s planned to release on September 28, 2021.

Everyone here is quite excited needless to say.

Featured image from Anapurna Interactive’s YouTube channel used under Fair Use