I’m a huge fan of the Pokemon series, more so the original games, not so much the later entries. But that’s another article for another time.

Pokemon Red and Blue came out when I was in elementary school and I’ve played each generation since then up until X and Y.

An excellent YouTuber by the name of KingK has put together 4 excellent retrospective videos detailing the first four generations of Pokemon games.

If you have any sort of nostalgia for the Pokemon series I highly recommend you give these a watch. It’s very interesting to see how many problems these early games had, especially when it comes to the Pokemon selection and how much we were willing to put up with back then.

They’re still fantastic games though and I’ll still replay them occasionally.

Pokemon Red and Blue


Pokemon Gold and Silver


Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

I still have my DS cartridge with a Living Pokedex laying around.


KingK is still planning to make more of these videos so definitely follow his channel. He’s got tons of other great videos there too.

Image credit: Pokemon Wiki – used under Fair Use