The Djinn system in the Game Boy Advance classic, Golden Sun, introduces a novel and intricate layer to the traditional RPG formula, setting it apart from its contemporaries.

This system not only diversifies gameplay but also deepens the strategy involved in character development and combat.

Djinn are mystical creatures representing the four basic elements: Earth (Venus), Fire (Mars), Wind (Jupiter), and Water (Mercury). Players can collect Djinn scattered throughout the game’s expansive world, each offering unique abilities that can enhance the player’s characters, known as Adepts.

Collecting and strategically deploying Djinn in battles grants players access to a wide array of magical abilities, summons, and even affects the classes and stats of the Adepts, offering a personalized approach to combat and character growth.

This element of strategy introduces countless possibilities for players to explore, making every playthrough unique. The versatility and depth of the Djinn system not only encourage exploration and experimentation but also serve as a hallmark of the game’s enduring appeal.

The Djinn system is a testament to the innovative game design of Golden Sun, blending traditional RPG elements with fresh mechanics to create a rich, engaging gameplay experience.

It’s a key feature that not only adds complexity and replayability but also captures the imagination of players, inviting them into a world where the elemental forces can be harnessed in countless ways to embark on a grand adventure.

While some Djinn are quite easy to obtain and are right out in the open, others hide in the games’ overworld. This makes it difficult to collect them all without a walkthrough.

Also, some Djinn must be defeated in battle in order for the player to obtain them while others only need to be interacted with for them to join the party.

The original Golden Sun has only 28 Djinn (7 per element) and it is important to note that none of the Djinn are permanently missable. Although if you miss one from earlier on in the game you may have a long walk back to reach it since there’s no fast travel.

Using Djinn in Combat

Djinn can be set to any Adept, boosting that Adept’s statistics by an amount that varies for each individual Djinni.

All set Djinn increase the Adept’s HP by a certain amount as well as that Adept’s elemental level in the Djinni’s element by one.

A character’s class, and with it their stats and Psynergy, change depending on how many and which elements of Djinn are set to them.

When set, a Djinni can be “unleashed” to use their unique ability. Although many are attacks (dependent on the Adept’s Attack and often containing additional effects), most of these powers are beneficial in other ways, such as healing, bolstering the party’s statistics, or one of a variety of effects truly unique to the Djinni (such as Kite and Aurora).

After being unleashed, Djinn are changed into standby mode.

Outside of battle, players can change Djinn between set and standby at will. Players can set a standby Djinni during battle as well, although only one Djinni can be set at a time and it will take up that Adept’s action for the turn.

When Djinn are on standby, they can be used to perform Summons, easily the most powerful attacks in the games.

In order to perform any given Summon, enough Djinn of the correct element(s) must be on standby.

After the Summon is completed, these Djinn are put into recovery.

After spending enough time in recovery, Djinn are automatically set.

When Djinn are used for a summon, they are chosen in the same order that they were put on Standby.

For instance, if five Venus Djinn were unleashed and put on Standby, and then the 4-Djinn summon Judgment was used, the first four Venus Djinn to be unleashed would be used for the summon, with the Djinn which was unleashed fifth remaining on Standby.


Classes in Golden Sun depend almost entirely on the Djinn set to each Adept.

Thus, players are given a choice of how to distribute their Djinn in order to determine their party’s class setup.

Djinn can all be assigned to Adepts in the party matching their element, or they can be mixed and matched to provide access to a wide variety of different classes.


Venus Djinn

Venus Djinn Locations


Stats: HP +8, PP +4, Attack +3

Effect: Strike a blow that can cleave stone.

Location: Immediately upon departing from Vale, you encounter a Djinni named Flint, who is notably the only one visible on the global map. Flint introduces the pair of Adepts to the mechanics of utilizing Djinn and decides to accompany them on their journey. Although the game presents the illusion of choice, allowing players to decline Flint’s assistance, he inevitably becomes part of the Djinn collection, regardless of the number of refusals.



Stats: HP +9, Defense +2, Agility +2, Luck +1

Effect: Create a mighty earthen barrier.

Location: In Kolima, a Djinni named Granite is contained within a fenced area adjacent to a treehouse, inaccessible from the exterior. To access Granite, navigate to the rear of the treehouse linked to the fence enclosing the Djinni. Here, you’ll discover a concealed entrance leading to a secluded room. Proceed by descending a ladder into a subterranean tunnel, where you’ll encounter sporadic battles. Follow this path until it leads you above ground, directly to the location of the Djinni, making it available for capture.



Stats: HP +10, PP +3, Agility +3

Effect: Revive a downed ally.

Location: As you navigate through the later stages of Mogall Forest, the Djinni named Quartz will draw your attention. To access it, you’ll enter a screen from the north, and to the right, you’ll find a rock situated just below a horizontal log. Position yourself above the log and utilize the Move psynergy to shift the rock one space down into a circular indentation on the ground. Next, push the log downward, followed by moving a second horizontal log in the same direction. Then, reposition a vertical log from right to left. This sequence of actions allows you to move downward and leftward, leading you to Quartz. To add Quartz to your collection, you must first defeat it in battle.



Stats: HP +12, PP +4, Defense +3, Luck +1

Effect: Tangle foes to drop Agility.

Location: Upon leaving the Lamakan Desert, head towards the northwestern bridge that leads to a small “island” encircled by land formations. It’s here, after engaging in several battles, that you’ll encounter the Djinni Vine. Often overlooked by first-time players due to its location in what seems to be merely decorative terrain, Vine can be encountered in lieu of a random battle on this particular island, situated directly northwest of the desert’s exit, accessible via the upper bridge among two immediately visible. Vine might also make an appearance on the larger island just north of the crescent-shaped one or on the land strip north of the desert exit, nestled between the mountains and the river, exclusively within forested areas. Prepare for a battle to recruit Vine to your team.



Stats: HP +10, Attack +3, Luck +1

Effect: Attack a foe and steal HP.

Location: Upon your return to Vault, armed with the ‘Reveal’ ability acquired from the Lama Temple, locate the tower within the town and ring its bell to coax the Djinni Sap into a reachable location. Head to the town’s west side, ascend the steps to the higher section, and follow the path to a dog surrounded by a circle of stones. Here, employ ‘Reveal’ to uncover a hidden entrance. Delve into the cave, navigate its challenges, and emerge to claim Sap as your prize.



Stats: HP +9, PP +3, Agility +3

Effect: Use gravity to hold a foe.

Location: Initially spotted at Kalay Dock, the Djinni Ground is visible but unreachable on your first visit. To acquire it, embark on a journey by boat to Tolbi, then exit Tolbi, ensuring the coastline remains on your hero’s RIGHT side. This route leads you around the Karagol Sea to Gondowan. From there, proceed east from the Altmiller Cave entrance, hugging the sea’s northern border until you circle back to the upper part of Kalay Docks. This approach brings you directly to the Djinni’s location, ready for collection.



Stats: HP +12, Attack +4

Effect: Attack with nature’s venom.

Location: In the Suhalla Desert, after acquiring the Mars Djinni and navigating through a cave, walk into the pink tornado and you’ll be transported to Crossbone Isle. At the heart of this island lies an optional dungeon. Delve into its depths and on the sixth level, you’ll encounter Bane. Chase it around until it begins to move in predictable circles. Utilize the ‘Halt’ psynergy to capture it, similarly to how you secured Kite in the Vale Cave.


Mars Djinn

Mars Djinn Locations


Stats: HP +10, Attack +2, Agility +2, Luck +2

Effect: Boost party Attack with flame’s fury.

Location: Within Goma Cave, Forge the Djinni is perched on a ledge overlooking a bystander below. To access Forge, you must employ the ‘Move’ psynergy on a pillar from the lower section to create a path to the upper area where the Djinni waits. Talking with the bystander below hints that wild Djinn, such as Forge, need to be conquered in battle for collection, though they may attempt to flee. If Forge escapes, exiting and reentering the area will reset its location. Upon defeating and securing Forge, the bystander acknowledges your success and departs.



Stats: HP +8, Attack +3, Agility +2

Effect: Wrap a foe in feverish delusion.

Location: Fever is found nestled within Imil Falls Cave, a small cavern situated in the town of Imil, accessible by navigating the icy river and slipping into the crevice behind the frozen waterfall. To get there, position yourself before the snowman at the town’s northern boundary and use the Move psynergy to push it leftward, letting it fall onto the icy river below. Then, by entering the river through a gap near the sanctum located in the town’s southwestern corner, proceed to slide in a sequence of directions: right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, and finally up to glide through the opening. This path leads you directly to Fever, where pressing A will instantly incorporate it into your Djinn collection.



Stats: HP +12, PP +3, Defense +3, Luck +1

Effect: Boost party Defense with a heat aura.

Location: Corona is found in a random encounter on the world map, often missed due to its random appearance in a seemingly insignificant overworld area. This Djinni is located along a vertical land stretch near Mogall Forest in Angara, close to the “island” north of Xian, where it may appear instead of a regular battle. To recruit Corona, players must defeat it in combat.



Stats: HP +8, Attack +3

Effect: Stun a foe with a blast attack.

Location: In Kalay, navigate to the town’s northeast section and ascend to the rooftop of the two-story building. Leap over the gap to reach the grassy area and proceed north. Employ the ‘Move’ psynergy to uncover a hidden passage. Within the initial chamber, maneuver the statue to obstruct the drainage pipe, halting the water’s flow, allowing you to access and acquire the Djinni.



Stats: HP +9, PP +4, Defense +2, Agility +2

Effect: Restore party PP with passion’s flames.

Location: Ember can be located in Tolbi, tucked away in the far northeastern section of the town’s main area. To reach it, leave through the southern exit of Tolbi, staying close to the right wall without venturing onto the world map. Navigate behind the trees, moving right and then upwards to a spot where a diminutive plant sits at a wall’s base. Use the Growth Psynergy here, ascend to a location with a small water body, and apply Frost to create an ice pillar. Retrace your route to the town’s entrance, being careful not to accidentally leave the town, as this will reset both the plant and ice pillar. Head towards the inn located in the town’s upper right corner. From atop the ice pillar, leap to the right to secure Ember.



Stats: HP +14, PP +3, Defense +2

Effect: Block damage to party with a firewall.

Location: Flash is found in the middle-left section of the second main area of Suhalla Desert. Before descending a short ledge to the sandy area below, where a large tornado harboring the Storm Lizard boss pursues you, use Reveal to uncover a trail of tiny black footprints leading leftward. Use Reveal again at the trail’s end to expose a hidden earth pillar by a wall, which you can cross to the left. After crossing, Flash will be visible and must be engaged and defeated in combat to be added to your collection.



Stats: HP +9, Attack +3, Luck +1

Effect: Penetrate Defense with a melting blast.

Location: Torch can be found atop a rooftop in Lalivero. To reach it, enter the Weapon and Armor shop situated in the town’s lower right corner, ascend the ladder to the roof, and jump onto the town’s upper boundary wall to your right. Follow the wall in a counterclockwise direction until you arrive at a rooftop in the town’s upper left quadrant, distinguished by a solitary pot. From there, leap to the adjacent building on the right and climb the green vine to acquire Torch.


Jupiter Djinn

Jupiter Djinn Locations


Stats: HP +9, Attack +2, Agility +2

Effect: Attack with mighty wind gusts.

Location: Gust is located in a hidden cave underneath the town of Bilibin, concealed by the gold statue of Lady McCoy situated in the town’s center. By moving this statue, you unveil a ladder descending into the cave. Inside, while Gust is visible to the right, access is obstructed by another gold statue. To reach Gust, ascend the nearby stairs to the right of the outdoor statue, then proceed south, circling clockwise along the wooden battlements. An entrance on the town’s western side grants entry to the cave, positioning you to the left of the obstructing statue. Push this statue one space south and leap right to where Gust is poised for discovery.



Stats: HP +12, PP +5, Defense +2, Luck +1

Effect: Boost party Resistance.

Location: Breeze is hidden within the Tret Tree, located at the far upper-right corner of a vast screen filled with tree branches to ascend. The Djinni blends into the foliage until Isaac’s “aura vision” reveals its presence as he nears, meaning discovery requires reaching the extremity of the highest branches. To add Breeze to your team, a battle is necessary.



Stats: HP +11, PP +3, Agility +2, Luck +1

Effect: Boost party Agility with swift wind

Location: Zephyr can be found within the Fuchin Falls Cave dungeon, situated in a chamber where water is traversed using rolling logs. Navigating to it involves a straightforward puzzle: push the top horizontal log downward, move the bottom left vertical log a space to the left, return the horizontal log to its original position upwards, jump onto the bottom left vertical log, and then roll it to the right. You must engage and defeat Zephyr to acquire it.



Stats: HP +9, Attack +3

Effect: Veil a foe’s vision in smoke.

Location: Smog is hidden in the second section of the Lamakan Desert and is invisible until you use Reveal. Upon entering this area from the southeast corner, head straight up to discover a ring of stones that shows an oasis when you use Reveal. From this point, move towards the northwest until you find two adjacent stone circles. The circle on the right conceals an Ant Lion pit, while the left one houses Smog.



Stats: HP +8, PP +4, Agility +3

Effect: Attack twice next round.

Location: Kite is found in the Vale Cave, an optional dungeon. Just before you encounter its resting spot, you’ll open a chest that grants you the Halt Psynergy. As you near Kite, it descends to a lower area. Upon reaching it, Kite attempts to evade capture by circling a cluster of rocks, mirroring your movements. Align yourself directly across from Kite and employ the Halt Psynergy to immobilize it, allowing you to navigate around and secure it.



Stats: HP +10, Attack +5

Effect: Paralyze a foe with a storm.

Location: Squall is found on a lower level of Altmiller Cave, positioned beyond a puzzle in a well-lit room. To access it, ascend the stairs beneath its location, then maneuver the vertical pillar to the right. Next, push the lower horizontal pillar upwards, use Frost on the puddle, move the same horizontal pillar back down, navigate to the right side of the vertical pillar and shift it to the left, and finally, position yourself above the upper horizontal pillar to push it downwards. This sequence makes the Djinni accessible but you have to defeat Squall in battle to acquire it.



Stats: HP +11, PP +5, Defense +2, Luck +1

Effect: Seal a foe’s Psynergy.

Location: Luff is found on an isolated platform at the center of a vast chasm within Babi Lighthouse, seemingly inaccessible at first glance. To reach Luff, start from the screen outside the main structure, where injured workers are scattered. Descend the left ladder, then use the Move psynergy to shift the left pillar underground one space to the left. After climbing back up and descending another ladder beneath the right-side pillar, use Move again to shift the right pillar one space left. Proceed upwards to exit outside, where you’ll notice a small plant. Cast Growth on this plant, climb it, then slide down into the building’s elevated entrance. In the room you enter, which has three slides, slide down the one that’s reachable. This route leads directly to Luff.


Mercury Djinn

Mercury Djinn Locations


Stats: HP +9, PP +4, Defense +3

Effect: Restore HP with calming water.

Location: Fizz is already set on Mia so you’ll receive this Djinni automatically when Mia joins the party.



Stats: HP +12, Attack +3, Luck +1

Effect: Drench a foe to drop its Attack.

Location: Sleet is nestled within a concealed chamber just beyond one of the cascading waterfalls lining a hallway in Mercury Lighthouse. This specific corridor comes right after a room where a pipe spout triggers the opening of a large section of the left wall, unveiling a doorway; you need to approach and press against the waterfall as if you were entering a doorway in a house. A battle is required to obtain Sleet.



Stats: HP +11, Attack +4

Effect: Lull a foe into deep sleep.

Location: Mist can be found in the town of Xian. To get it, observe a woman who moves back and forth between the river and one of the two brown doors set in a brown wall, situated below the town’s dojo. Initiating a conversation with her causes a Frostable puddle to form beneath her feet, leading to her scolding you for causing her to spill her bucket of water. Engage her in conversation when there’s a single tile space between her and the door she pauses in front of. Then, apply Frost to the puddle that forms, creating an ice pillar. This allows you to jump across and reach the Djinni located to the right.



Stats: HP +8, PP +4, Agility +3

Effect: Restore party HP with soothing mist.

Location: Spritz is situated in a spacious area towards the bottom of the Altin Peak dungeon and is visible when you enter the room. To access it, utilize the Frost psynergy on a ground-level puddle, then shift the adjacent earth pillar one space to the left, thereby creating a path that allows you to jump towards an area with a mine cart. Then, engage a switch to change its direction from pointing right to left. Board the mine cart and take two consecutive rides, which will lead you directly to Spritz’s location. You must defeat Spritz in battle to acquire it.



Stats: HP +9, Attack +4, Luck +1

Effect: Freeze a foe to drop its Defense.

Location: This Djinni is located to the west/northwest of Tolbi. Begin by heading west towards a bridge that leads north, cross it, and then proceed in a northwest direction over another bridge. Explore this region, and you’ll soon stumble upon and engage in a random battle with this Djinni.



Stats: HP +13, PP +4, Agility +4

Effect: Revive a downed ally.

Location: After defeating Toadonpa in Dononpa’s Fortress, return to the fortress following the events in the ice cave near Lunpa. Head to Dononpa’s private chambers and speak with him; he will open a hidden path that leads you to the Djinni.



Stats: HP +8, PP +3, Defense +2, Luck +2

Effect: Heal all party ailments.

Location: Within Suhalla Gate, on the third screen, you’ll find slides that descend to a lower level. Take the third slide down to reach and acquire the Djinni.

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